Our Mission: To promote and enhance business opportunities in the Clarkston area 

for our members.

Our Vision: The Chamber is an innovative, creative and collaborative business 


All Goal Areas fit into an overall framework of Membership Value (illustrated below).

      1. Leadership

  1. a.      Influence Locally and Regionally

  1. b.      Advocacy for our members

  1. c.      Leadership Development
    1.  2. Resources

  1. a.      Community Navigator

  1. b.      Trade Bank

  1. c.      Referral Partners/Networking Events

  1. d.      Community Data/Benchmarking

  1. e.      Easily Accessed programming

  1. f.      Connected Members

  1. g.      Chamber staff expertise

  1. h.      Office space 
    1. 3. Workforce Development

  1. a.      Membership needs driven Educational programming

  1. b.      Industry specific Tools and Training

  1. c.      Externships

  1. d.      Industry Tours

  1. e.      Job Shadowing
    1. 4. Economic Development

  1. a.      Community Branding & Promotion

  1. b.      Placemaking

  1. c.      Community Vision & Alignment

  1. d.      Oakland County Main Street (for Clarkston and Davisburg)

  1. e.      Real Estate Inventory

  1. f.      Commercial property review

    1. 5. Business Accelerator

  1. a. Making it easy to navigate business start up

  1. b. Making it easy to navigate business growth

  1. c.   First stop portal to access additional resources