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Clarkston Chamber Clarkston Volunteer Clearing House

Aaron Bedor

I love being a Chamber Ambassador! I was born and raised in Clarkston, worked for ITPR for years, went to CHS, had thousands of slice specials from Gregg’s (need I go on?). While all of that is great and laid the foundation for my love for all things Clarkston, I have found a completely new reason in becoming a Chamber Ambassador. Not only has the Chamber been a positive for my business, but it has been such a pleasure getting to know everyone personally. It can be easy to forget that behind every business there is an awesome personality and a smiling face. That is the reason why I love being an Ambassador; I get to meet and work with all those new and awesome personalities all the time and share the positives that the Chamber has brought to my life. It’s been a blast and I cant thank the Chamber and my fellow Ambassadors enough for allowing me to be a part!