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Clarkston Chamber Clarkston Volunteer Clearing House

Cindy Crandell R.N., C.N.

“I grew up here in Clarkston I am a Clarkston Native. I love Clarkston because it is a very tight community and every where you go you will know someone! 

I opened Nuview Nutrition in 1999 so 2019 is our 20th year anniversary, however I started this business in my home and took it out into the community in 2010.

My favorite part of my business is working with clients and helping them thru the healing process it is so rewarding to see the transformation take place. However, I love mentoring employees to help them grow professionally and personally. I believe that happiness is so important for successful business.  Many think success brings happiness it is just the opposite - Happiness creates Success! Happy employees are the key!"