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All Saints Cemetery

All Saint Cemetery, One of Southeastern Michigan’s premier cemeteries is always looking to better serve its community through education, conservation and community assistance. 10 years ago, All Saints Cemetery created “The Preserve”, Michigan’s only completely “Green Burial” Cemetery. The Preserve is 100% Green (which means no embalming, No metal caskets, no traditional headstones or monuments and more) This decision was made to help reduce the massive impact on the environment due to traditional burial processes.  The Preserve has done its part to reduce the 30 million board feet of casket wood, 90,000 tons of steel for caskets. 1.6 million tons of concrete for vaults and the biggest impact, 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid placed into the ground each year, along with protecting the men and women who handle this dangerous chemical every day.


All Saints Cemetery has families from all over the nation make the trek to have their family members placed at The Preserve, right here in Waterford.  The Preserve has won local and national awards for land conservancy and sustainability and works very closely with the Green Burial Council to assure our ability to preserve the Waterford environment.  All Saints Cemetery and The Preserve offer the community some of the most advanced options in cremation, green burial, Mausoleum and Private Estates, while remaining extremely affordable, regardless of budget.  All Saints Cemetery in Waterford is a Non-Profit, serving ALL Christian faiths.