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Clarkston Community Women's Club

Clarkston Community Women’s Club (CCWC) is a civic and social organization that raises funds for our scholarships, library, and to donate to several other local charities. 

CCWC was originally formed by a group of Clarkston women who wanted a library after the original library was in the home of a local woman.  CCWC members held various fundraisers in order to renovate the small white building by the former Independence Township Hall on Main into a library.  CCWC continued to maintain the library by holding various fundraisers.  In 1967, CCWC transferred the library to the authority of Independence Township.  CCWC continued support and launched a community-wide effort toward the building of the current library which was dedicated in 1970.  CCWC now focuses support on the summer children’s program. 

We have also donated to other local organizations such as Clarkston Area Youth Assistance, Rotary Shoes for Kids, Concerts in the Park, Shiver on the River, and other local needs.  CCWC raises funds in various ways.  Our major fundraiser has been the poinsettia/greens sale in November.  Other fundraisers have included holiday auctions, cookbook sales, fashion shows, teas, etc.

Come and see what we’re about!  Joining is a great way to meet women in the area - we are a welcoming group!  We have a speaker or a program before most meetings.  Meetings are usually held at the CIDL on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. from September through April (occasionally meetings are held at a local restaurant).

Here’s what some of our members have to say about CCWC:

“As a CCWC member I have the pleasure of camaraderie with a group of caring and intelligent women.  I’m proud to be a member because of the philanthropic nature of the organization.“

“When I moved to Clarkston a number of years ago, I was glad to discover CCWC. I was looking to connect with some interesting women who had similar I interests. Last time I moved was when my kids were toddlers so it was easy to meet women through “Mommy and Me” programs. That was 30 years ago.  Glad to know there are opportunities to meet a more “mature” group!”

“I love being a member of CCWC.  We do good things for the community and have fun while doing it.”