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Clarkston Rotary Club is a part of an international organization called Rotary International. We can use the leverage that comes from being part of a 1.2 million member organization to do larger projects, both locally and internationally. Last year we were able to get a 50% matching grant from Rotary International to help us buy a van for Lighthouse of Clarkston. The same process also allowed us to purchase 600 pairs of glasses for children in Kenya. The project we are best known for is our Shoes for Kids program where we outfit 400 children with shoes, boots and mittens every year.

Clarkston Rotary is made up of members from the community, and all the projects we do are driven by the club membership. Many members want the club to participate in youth activities, thus we provide college scholarships, leadership development opportunities, cub scout sponsorship, support for RUSH robotics and international youth exchange program. For those a little older and with exceptional talent, we can even provide them with a fully paid master’s degree in one of five different countries.

Our fund raisers are always entertaining  activities, from wine tastings to selling newspapers. On May 14, we will hold our spring wine tasting fund raiser at Andiamo’s.  

We also enjoy fun and interesting social nights. One of the favorite nights for the members is Mystery Night.  We get on a bus in Clarkston and only one member knows where we are going and what we will be doing. The evening results in lots of speculation, interesting events and many memories.

By being a part of Clarkston Rotary, a person can make the world a better place to live, both locally and internationally.